Want your Chicago Home to Sell Quickly? Here are some tips.

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At CG Realty Group we realize that there are a lot of emotions that go into selling your home or condominium, while at the same time, the need to sell timely is often at the top of your list. Here are some thoughts on how to sell your property in an efficient timeframe.

List your home at a realistic price:

Of course, we all want to get the maximum amount of money when selling a house or condo. Pricing a home to aggressively will have the reverse effect. We are experienced in studying market conditions to know what the best price is for your home. Listing your home for the right price can help you find the right buyer to get your home sold timely. Placing your home on the market at the wrong price can your property to sit and accumulate market time which can trigger a potential buyer to think there is something wrong.

Improve your home:

If you own a more historic home in Old Town, Wicker Park or Hyde Park, consider making improvements that preserve the quality of the architecture. Other improvements might be upgrading countertops or kitchen backsplashes, or a new vanity in the bathroom.

Have professional photos taken of your home for better online attraction:

When it comes to the photography of your home, photos are critical. When a prospective buyer is searching for a home online, the pictures you have can make or break a sale within seconds. According to a Nielsen study*, the average time a user spends on a website is 10-20 seconds, although if the quality of the site, the property images looking professional your user could spend much longer.  When a buyer is turned off by the photos because they home is cluttered or the image quality is low, you could easily lose a sale. At CG Realty Group we have references for home staging professionals and photographers who can help you to get the right image for your home.

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