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Distressed Property Services

Effective processing of distressed real estate assets requires experience in residential and commercial real estate sales, brokerage, general contracting, and leasing and management. Without expert assistance organizations risk increased losses because construction and development is not their expertise and they may not be familiar with the true value of their assets.

For over a decade CG Realty Group has been managing residential and commercial property in the Chicago area. During this time we have also provided banks, insurance companies and other sellers with brokerage and construction-related services. In banking in particular we have experience with ‘OREO’ property and foreclosures and have also provided receivership services. With over 80 million dollars in closed transactions, our successful brokerage experience will increase the potential for rapid sale of your troubled assets. We invite you to request our references.

Time IS Money

Whether your distressed property must be sold, repaired or repositioned, the nimbleness of our organization enables us to move quickly and so what is needed to help minimize your losses.

Mining Distress for Opportunity

We will help determine if your troubled property should be disposed of immediately or if it has medium to long term potential based on our knowledge of area residential and commercial real estate markets. Then we’ll develop and implement a plan to help minimize your losses. For example, if you have foreclosed on a residential or commercial property that is also damaged or neglected, we will repair it and prepare it for sale. Because we are experienced general contractors, we know what needs and need not be done to make the property a candidate for rapid sale. And because we are also experts in residential and commercial real estate sales and brokerage, we will begin seeking prospective buyers while repairs are being made.

CG Realty Group will help you find the best option for “OREO” and other troubled property.

  • Assess Property

  • Secure Property

  • Stabilize Property

  • Maintain & Manage

  • Dispose

Why choose CG REALTY Group

Our management services are comprehensive and innovative. Specific services can be expanded, contracted, or otherwise altered so that the management system put into effect can be tailor-made for your property. We always present the Board (Building owner) with multiple proposals and look for creative ways to address issues.