Administrative Services

Administrative Services:

  • Processing or removal of insurance company recommendations, claims, or violations.
  • Examination, review and approval of all bills relating to the operations, maintenance programs, as well as the completion of accurate cost data for operations.
  • Preparation of annual budgets, preventive maintenance programs, as well as the completion of accurate cost data for operation.
  • We will recommend and implement policies, rules and regulations, and other procedures for the proper management and operation of the property.
  • We work directly with a bulk gas supplier so we can lock in a very competitive rate as gas prices continue to rise drastically year after year (this option is available to your Association or building based on volume).
  • We have a property manager on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in case of an emergency.

Cost/Budget Analysis:

We carefully prepare a comprehensive Operating Budget to fiscally guide the (Building owner) Association. We look to long term planning to help eliminate any surprises. We thoroughly analyze your current expenses and work to reduce your costs through use of our strong vendor relationships.

Collection of Monthly Assessments and Disbursements

  1. Our Accounting Department accounts for all (Rents) assessments collected from individual unit owners and ensure that all extra charges (if any) and other variables are properly allocated to each owner (Renter).
  2. Collection letters are sent to delinquent owners (Tenants), and are followed up with legal counsel if required.
  3. Accounting and preparation of monthly financials is performed by our Accounting Department. The Board of Directors (Building owners) receives financial statements on a monthly basis, which includes accurate accounting of all collections of monthly income and indicates the status of all owners (Tenants).
  4. All bills are carefully reviewed before payment. Payment is made against supporting vouchers which accompany the Monthly Statement.
  5. We prepare an annual statement to show total receipts and disbursements.
  6. Our Accounting Department also takes care of the preparation, supervision, and disbursement of building payroll.


Our web based property management/ accounting software allows us to provide clients with real-time, up-to-date reports on vacancy, lease expiration, rent roll, rent increases, delinquency, receivables, payables, budgeting, and income/ expense reports. We deliver accurate, timely reports so our clients are always informed.
Property owners and tenants can log into our management portal at:

Inspection – Maintenance and Supervision

  • Maintenance inspections of all common areas for the purpose of repair or replacement are made on a regular basis.
  • Inspections are made with the appropriate field experts or contractors (re-inspections of work completed).
  • We have long-standing relationships with a large source of vendors that ensure quality work at a reasonable price.
  • Where appropriate, we employ the services of an architect or engineer for a large scale or complicated project.
  • All custodial personnel are communicated with regularly and are provided a calendar in accordance with this routine preventive work schedule.