Marketing Your Home For Sale

 In Real Estate

If you are getting ready to sell your home or condo, there are several key things you need to keep in mind to get it sold quickly and for the maximum price.

First, you’ll need a solid online marketing plan which is likely something you’ll want to contact CG Realty Group about. You’ll need to list your home at the correct price, potentially stage your home, get professional photography completed and get your home listed in the right places online which can also be done at

CG Realty Group has experience in pricing properties in the best way possible, and we do our research to make sure the price we recommend to you is the best price for your property. The average price per square foot in overall metro areas has risen 52% over the past five years, according to Redfin, but it has jumped 76% in the urban cores. (Source Money Magazine)

It’s essential to get your house marketing plan done strategically offline before getting your house onto the market. The less time your house sits on the market, the more likely you will be to get top dollar for your home. Typically a new home or condo will see its most traffic within the first two weeks of it being on the marketplace.

Potential buyers and agents will see a new listing “Hot” or “Urgent.” They will perceive it to be in demand and want to see the property immediately. This is another reason the home needs to be priced correctly in the beginning.

The longer a house sits on the market, the more time potential buyers will have to question, “Is there something wrong with this property?” Before you list your house or condo, call CG Realty Group to get a solid plan in place. This way you will maximize your time and get the best price possible for your home!

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